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The SIP Servlet API is originally intended for writing applications to be deployed on network servers, e.g. application servers in SIP architectures.  However, there are no widely accepted standard API for writing applications for endpoint devices. Some applications fit naturally on network servers, but some applications are better suited to be deployed at endpoints. Can we leverage existing SIP Servlet containers and ECharts for SIP Servlets to develop and deploy endpoint applications?

I recently presented a paper Implementing Endpoint Services Using the SIP Servlet Standard at the Fifth International Conference on Networking and Services (ICNS 2009). I concluded that SIP Servlet API is indeed suitable for endpoint applications. The advantages include familiar programming paradigm and existing tools, code re-use, and fliexibility in moving applications from endpoints to servers. As well, the application composition mechanism can be used to support modularity. However, existing containers may have too big a footprint for some mobile devices. As well, containers need to deal with network topology using mechanism such as STUN or ICE. The full paper can be obtained here .

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