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We demonstrated our latest tool for developing SIP applications -- StratoSIP -- at IPTComm Conference earlier this summer, and wrote an application proposed by an attendee in under an hour!

Our team was at IPTComm 2011, held from 1-2 August in Chicago, U.S.A. It was the fifth year of this annual international conference on IP-based communication, and as in previous years it was an excellent gathering of researchers from academia and industry. The program of technical papers, keynote speeches and industrial talks and demos is at the IPTComm web site.

Besides presenting 3 research papers, we took the opportunity to demonstrate our latest and highest (in terms of level of abstraction) language. StratoSIP -- SIP at a very high level -- is a domain-specific language designed to make the task of developing SIP applications much easier and accessible to programmers with little knowledge of SIP (yes, it is even easier than ECharts for SIP Servlets). During the demo, we asked attendees to come up with challenging SIP applications. We received two challenges: a supervisor coaching app for a customer care center, and a call reconnect app. After sketching both StratoSIP programs on paper, we started typing away and within 15 minutes we coded up the second app, call reconnection. We spent some more time writing the KitCAT test cases and deployed on a SIP Servlet container, and within an hour we had a running demonstration!

We are currently working on useful things like documentation and tools, and plan to release StratoSIP by the end of 2011. Watch for the upcoming announcement!

Sketching out the application design with attendees

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