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Written by Eric Cheung   

We are happy to announce that the new release of ECharts for SIP Servlets DK, version 2.2 beta, now supports the open-source SailFin SIP servlet container.  This blog entry describes some SailFin specific procedures and gotchas when deploying ECharts for SIP Servlets applications on the SailFin container. 

(Update on 18 January, 2007: I ran the set of tests on SailFin Milestone 3 and all tests passed successfully.  MS 3 fixes a few issues in MS 2 for us so MS 3 is the recommended SailFin version now.)

SailFin is still under development, with the 1.0 beta release scheduled for March 24, 2008. Therefore, as expected we ran into a few issues when we began testing ECharts for SIP Servlets on SailFin. After a bug fix from the SailFin development team, and a few workarounds on our side, we are happy to announce that SIP and converged applications developed using ECharts for SIP Servlets can now run successfully on SailFin Milestone 3 release.

SAR files built using ECharts for SIP Servlets pretty much run out of the box on SailFin. However, some of the notes here may save you some time.

A Single Application

Assuming you are using appgen tool provided in the ECharts for SIP Servlets DK, build the sar file using the fatsar target. See the timeBomb example or the manual, both included in the DK, or the screencast for details.

Deploying the application

The sar file can be deployed using the SailFin asadmin tool:

> asadmin deploy myapp.sar

To confirm, you can list the deployed applications by:

> asadmin list server.applications.extension-module

Adding JVM Options

ECharts for SIP Servlets requires some additional JVM options to be set. Typically I set the following:


The second line specifies where the monitor files go.  ${com.sun.aas.instanceRoot} resolves to <install-home>/sailfin/domains/domain1. You must create the echlogs directory yourself.

The last line specifies the logging properties to use for the ECharts machine monitor. You have to create this properties file yourself and place it in <install-home>/sailfin/domains/domain1/config. See the ECharts for Sip Servlets manual for detailed properties settings.

There are three ways to add JVM options in SailFin. You can either use the asadmin tool, edit  <install-home>/sailfin/domains/domain1/config/domain.xml directly, or use the web admin interface at port 4848. I prefer to use asadmin, e.g.

> asadmin create-jvm-options '-Dorg.echarts.debugging=true:-Dorg.echarts.servlet.sip.debugging=true'

 Whichever method you choose, stop and start the domain for the JVM options to take effect.

Application Composition

ECharts for SIP Servlets DK includes a JSR289-compliant application router implementation and an adaptation layer for JSR116 containers. This enables you to begin experimenting with JSR289-styled application composition now, and migrate your applications seamlessly when SailFin starts supporting JSR289 fully.

The approuter.jar and initial.sar from the DK (lib/ directory) can be used as is.  These files go to the following locations:

  • Install approuter.jar in  <install-home>/sailfin/domains/domain1/lib (restart domain for it to be included in classloader).
  • Install your specific approuter.xml file in <install-home>/sailfin/domains/domain1/config
  • Deploy initial.sar:
> asadmin deploy initial.sar

Caveat: If the SailFin domain is started with initial.sar deployed, the initial.sar init() method throws an exception and does not load properly. You must deploy initial.sar again after restarting the domain.

Tip: If you change approuter.xml while SailFin is running, you can deploy initial.sar again to reload the approuter.xml file.

What's Next 

We are working on more complete example applications, including an ECharts-based version of the SailFin ClickToDial application and some application composition examples. Stay tuned and keep sending us comments and feedback!

(Update 2008/2/14: The ClickToDial example has been released as part of v2.3-beta release!  See the news article for details.

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