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Written by Gregory W. Bond   
Tom Smith and I have returned from a stimulating but hectic week at JavaOne. The week culminated with our own presentation "Web 2.0 Phone Home: Rapid Development of Telecom-Enabled Web Applications" and with the release of our new framework called "Converge" for the rapid development of converged (telecom + web) applications on a SIP servlet container (the slides for our presentation can be downloaded from here).

In addition to our Converge announcement, there were two more talks at JavaOne where SIP servlet-based converged application development frameworks were announced: Sankara Rao Bhogi and Binod Pg from Sun's SailFin development team announced SailFin Cafe at their talk and the CTO of Voxeo, RJ Auburn, introduced Tropo at his talk. And in the week leading up to JavaOne, Vladimir Ralev from Mobicents team released a major update to their own SIP servlet-based converged application development framework, the Seam Telco Framework. And the good news is that Converge, SailFin Cafe and the Seam Telco Framework are open source software!

The motivation behind the introduction of these four frameworks is the same: to encourage traditional web application developers to incorporate telecom into their apps. And there's good reason for needing encouragement: RJ Auburn did a great job in his presentation of comparing an application written as a "raw" SIP servlet application to the same app written using other higher level approaches. The SIP servlet approach would discourage anyone from telecom application development. There's no question that the abstractions offered by these frameworks are going to be welcomed by developers.

It's interesting to note that last year I dubbed the year of the open source SIP servlet container. Only one year later, it's clear that this is the year of the open source converged application development framework. It's great to see the open source community proceeding at such incredible speed.

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