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Details for Converge: A Framework for Rapid Development of Converged Telecom Applications
NameConverge: A Framework for Rapid Development of Converged Telecom Applications
DescriptionIn 2004 Ruby on Rails blazed a new trail for web application development frameworks. Its intuitive, high-level abstractions and conventions supported development of web applications at unprecedented speed. Today a developer can choose from a wide selection of competing "full-stack" frameworks to identify one that meets their language or deployment requirements. However the story is different for developers who wish to incorporate telecom functionality with their web apps. Only this past summer were the first three telecom application development frameworks released. The goal of all three frameworks is to integrate telecom application development with established approaches to web application development. In this talk I will provide an overview of one of these: my own framework called Converge. Converge provides a bridge between our own ECharts for SIP Servlet (E4SS) telecom application development framework and the Grails web application development framework. Converge enables a developer to combine reusable E4SS telecom components with Grails web applications in order to rapidly develop complex converged (telecom + web) applications. Gregory W. Bond, presentation to AT&T Labs Research, Dec. 10, 2009.
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