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Details for Converge DK 0.2.1-prerelease and E4SS DK 2.5.1-beta
NameConverge DK 0.2.1-prerelease and E4SS DK 2.5.1-beta
DescriptionThis is the pre-release of the the Converge development kit version 0.2.1. The Converge DK comes bundled with a the same point release of E4SS that was included with the prior Converge DK release version 0.2. Converge cannot be used with an earlier version of E4SS. See the README files included in the Converge DK for details on how build the Converge runtime environment and how to get started building Converge applications. This version also comes with a few additional PDFs providing an overview of Converge applications (as opposed to Converge plugins). See the video tutorial http://echarts.org/ConvergePluginScreencast/ for an introduction to Converge plugins and applications.
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