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Details for ECharts: Balancing Design and Implementation (2002)
NameECharts: Balancing Design and Implementation (2002)
DescriptionIn this paper we argue that the semantics of UML Statecharts, while adequate for design, is inappropriate for implementation. To address the issues raised, we propose a language, ECharts, that incorporates modifications to UML Statecharts. We argue that the ECharts semantics strike the right balance between supporting design and supporting implementation. We compare ECharts language features with comparable features in UML Statecharts and ROOMcharts. We draw motivating examples from an IP-based telecom services platform which uses our implementation of ECharts on a daily basis for design and implementation. This is an old paper (2002) so the language syntax is outdated and some of the language features have changed a bit (notably 'return value' semantics). However this paper provides the justification for why we embarked on developing yet another language rather than adopting one of the existing Statecharts dialects.
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