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NameECharts: From Lab to Production (2005)
DescriptionThis paper summarizes our experience with ECharts, a state machine language that played a key role in the design and implementation of AT&T CallVantage, a nationally deployed voice-over-IP service. The introduction outlines the history of the language, including the original design requirements for the language, our realization that existing languages did not meet the requirements, and the evolution of the language as the project moved from prototype to production software. The language features most relevant to modularity and efficient use of resources are presented, and the operational semantics is summarized. Finally, ongoing work on new language features and on using ECharts to model BoxTalk, a telecommunication service programming language, is discussed. This is a more recent paper (2005) that provides a nice historical overview of the language and a quick look at the language features. However, the paper isn't so new that it uses the current language syntax.
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