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NameExperience with Modularity in an Advanced Teleconferencing Service Deployment
DescriptionIn this paper, we describe our experience with the design of an advanced teleconferencing service under two different frameworks an early implementation of the Distributed Feature Composition architecture, and the SIP Servlet API. The usual design goals of software modularity for encapsu- lation and reuse are pursued. Interestingly, two very differ- ent designs resulted. This paper discusses the factors that influenced our design decisions. In particular, we examine the different characteristics of the two frameworks as well as the maturity of project requirements, and illustrate the ways in which these factors affect various mechanisms for achieving software modularity. We also aim to draw on this experience to propose a set of design guidelines for build- ing modular, composable SIP Servlet applications for Voice over IP and converged services. Eric Cheung and Thomas M. Smith, 31st International Conference on Software Engineering - ICSE-Companion 2009, pp. 39 - 49, Vancouver, BC, ISBN:978-1-4244-3495-4, DIO: 10.1109/ICSE-COMPANION.2009.5070962.
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