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Details for KitCAT - A Framework for Converged Application Testing
NameKitCAT - A Framework for Converged Application Testing

There is a growing demand for IP based multimedia services that encompass usage of multiple user interfaces including web and telephony. The complexity of such converged applications require sophisticated development tools and techniques and as a result a variety of technologies and standards have been developed or are in the process of development to address the complexity of application development and deployment. For example, application servers implementing the SIP servlet standard aids the application developer with development of SIP based applications and this, in conjunction with HTTP servlet standard, aids the development of converged applications based on the HTTP and SIP protocols. While such standards and tools enable the application developer to develop and deploy complex applications, there is a growing need for tools and techniques that can help application developers to do system level functional testing of converged applications. This paper makes the following contributions - (1) describes a conceptual model for testing converged applications (2) introduces a simple programming model for test case writers to exercise and test converged applications and (3) describes our converged application testing framework KitCAT that is a concrete implementation of (1) and (2).

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