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The requirements for using the ECharts for SIP Servlets development kit (E4SS DK) are:

  • Apache Ant ver. 1.6.3 or above.
  • Python 2.2 - 2.6.1.
  • The Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (JDK 1.5 or greater).
  • The NIST implementation of the SIP/SDP API: jain-sip-sdp-1.2.86.jar or later. The jar file should be copied to the lib directory of this development kit.
  • Optionally, for generating machine diagrams or machine documentation, Graphviz version 2.14 or greater is required.
  • A SIP servlet container. This distribution has been tested on Sailfin (v1 b60g) and Oracle OCCAS (v 4.0)
  • Some E4SS DK examples and features include test cases which use the KitCAT and HtmlUnit frameworks. KitCAT jar files are included with the E4SS DK. To build and run test cases, HtmlUnit jar files should be downloaded into the lib directory of this development kit. The test cases included in this distribution have been tested with KitCAT 1.1 and HtmlUnit 2.1.

See the README files in the examples and features directories for instructions on building and deploying examples and features.

See the documentation in the docs directory for lots more information.

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