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Many people and software projects have directly or indirectly contributed to ECharts. Here's an attempt to list them. Greg Bond (AT&T Labs Research) is the primary developer for the ECharts language. Healf Goguen (Google) has also made significant contributions to the language during its evolution. Tom Smith (AT&T Labs Research) is the primary developer for SIP ECharts. Eric Cheung (AT&T Labs Research) and Hal Purdy (AT&T Labs Research) are the primary developers for the SIP Servlet Application Router. Tom Smith, Venkita Subramonian (AT&T Labs Research), Eric Cheung, and Xiaotao Wu (Avaya Labs) have developed many ECharts applications and provided valuable feedback. Franjo Ivancic (NEC Research) helped to develop a model checker for the language in its earliest days and helped to clarify the language semantics. Richard Trefler (Univ of Waterloo) and Nils Klarlund (Google) also contributed to the language semantics and the model-checking effort. Thomas Wahl (UT Austin) made significant contributions to the language semantics and to the codebase. Trevor Bond helped with the ECharts logo design.

Many software projects support the ECharts SDK and its development. Java, Python, Antlr, PyAntlr, Apache Ant, GNU Make and BASH and Graphviz provide foundational support. Joomla! with the DOCMan, Secure Registrations, Fireboard, Fireboard Discussbot, Joomap Google Sitemap Extended Version and sh404SEF components power this website. Aquamacs, LaTeX, pdfLaTeX, and tex4ht (the latter three via the Fink project) are used to prepare the documentation. SourceForge hosts the ECharts developer site, and SVN provides source code control. And all the aforementioned software is open source!

Finally, Gerald Karam, Alicia Abella, Rich Cox, and Chuck Kalmanek at AT&T Labs Research deserve great credit for supporting the release of ECharts and its related projects as open source.
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