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What is ECharts? ECharts is a state machine-based programming language for event-driven systems derived from the standardized UML Statecharts language. ECharts distinguishes itself from other Statecharts dialects by focussing on implementation issues such as determinism and code re-use. ECharts is a hosted language which means that it is dependent on an underlying programming language such as Java.

What is E4SS? E4SS (ECharts for SIP Servlets) allows the use of ECharts to program SIP Servlets. Instead of overriding servlet methods and managing sessions, the programmer defines the application logic in the ECharts language. The use of ECharts to specify application logic greatly encourages component re-use and manages complexity, making it well-suited for Back-to-Back User Agent applications.

What is KitCAT? KitCAT (Kit for Converged Application Testing) is a JUnit-based testing framework to facilitate functional testing of converged telecom applications. In conjunction with HtmlUnit, a single KitCAT test case can create, control and coordinate multiple SIP/RTP sessions, and multiple browser endpoints for functional testing.

ECharts, E4SS and KitCAT have a proven track-record in a large-scale commercial deployments. They are available as open source under the Common Public License Version 1.0. Take a look at what ECharts, E4SS and KitCAT have to offer!

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