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Venkita Subramonian (AT&T Labs Research) is the primary developer for KitCAT. Design ideas for KitCAT came out of joint discussions among various members at AT&T Research - Greg Bond, Eric Cheung, Gerald Karam, Hal Purdy, Tom Smith, Venkita Subramonian and Pamela Zave. Greg, Eric and Tom have written many KitCAT test cases and have provided valuable feedback thus immensly influencing the design and development of KitCAT. A special thanks to Greg for spearheading the KitCAT open source approval efforts.

Our thanks to all the open source projects that KitCAT directly depends on - NIST JAIN SIP stack, JUnit , Log4j , Hamcrest. Special thanks to Mudumbai Rangnathan from NIST. We are grateful to the HtmlUnit development team for their help and support with HtmlUnit based web testing.

Finally, Gerald Karam, Alicia Abella and Chuck Kalmanek at AT&T Labs Research deserve great credit for supporting the release of KitCAT as open source.

Last Updated ( Friday, 21 November 2008 )
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