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Announcing the first video tutorial in a series dedicated to introducing Converge. This video tutorial is a repeat performance of Greg Bond's and Tom Smith's JavaOne 2009 demo that was part of their technical talk: Web 2.0 Phone Home: Rapid Development of Telecom-Enabled Web Applications. In this tutorial we demonstrate how to use Converge to build a converged (web + telecom) application from scratch in only 22 minutes thanks to the power of E4SS and Grails. The application lets a user record a message and then "blast" it to a list of phone numbers. The 28 minute video tutorial consists of

  • 4 minute introduction to Converge
  • a 2 minute introduction to the screencast
  • a 22 minute screencast.

Watch the video tutorial here.

Last Updated ( Monday, 20 July 2009 )
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