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We're pleased to announce version 1.1-beta of ECharts. Less than 6 months after its initial release this version includes some exciting new features including Windows support, diagram generation, documentation generation and improved tool support.
  • Support for Windows
    We now fully support Windows in addition to the platforms we supported before: Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris.
  • Diagram Generation
    We finally resurrected the ECharts to dot translator enabling the generation of diagrams that graphically depict ECharts machines. For lots of examples see the latest version of the ECharts manual (available online or as a downloadable PDF).
  • Interactive Documentation Generation
    Not content with simply generating static diagrams, we now have tools to generate interactive SVG diagrams and incorporate them with browsable source code documents, such as those produced by Javadoc. Interactivity supports, among other things, drilling down to submachines, zooming and panning, and displaying code comments as tooltips. As an example, see the Javadoc documentation generated for the ECharts for SIP Servlets SDK (hint: take a look at the the B2buaFSM class and click on the machine button). Here's how to configure your browser to view and interact with the diagrams.
  • Improved Tool Support
    We've improved the flexibility of the translator commands included with the ECharts SDK. Translators now support a variety of options to control how they process ECharts machines. See the ECharts manual for details (available online or as a downloadable PDF).
  • Bug Fixes
    We didn't find a lot of bugs in the previous version but we fixed most of the ones we found. See the change log for an exhaustive list of all the changes we've made. See our bug tracker for a list of the changes we haven't made.
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