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We are very pleased to announce the third release of ECharts. This release includes two new language features: (1) indexed machine array access for explicitly referencing machine array elements, and (2) internal ports for sending and receiving messages between ancestor and descendant machines. We've made significant performance improvements to the Javamachine runtime, both in terms of CPU and memory utilization. A new monitor event logger has been added. We've also made some changes to the language semantics, including the elimination of the 'shared' machine modifier. A few changes have been made to the Javamachine runtime interface. Finally, there are the obligatory bug fixes.

Take a look at the latest version of the ECharts manual for lots of information regarding indexed machine array access and internal ports.

We eliminated the 'shared' machine modifier since it complicated the language semantics and imposed a large runtime perfomance penalty. See the ECharts manual for more information concerning the new semantics of sharing variables amongst machines.

The semantics of join transitions over machine array elements has changed. See the ECharts manual section devoted to machine arrays for more information.

A new monitor event logger based on the familiar java.util.logging.Logger class has been added.

The Javamachine run() interfaces have been refactored somewhat. Apart from being relocated to a new class, the non-blocking versions of this method now return useful information to the caller.

To take advantage of the changes in this release, you will have to retranslate and recompile your existing ECharts Javamachines.

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Last Updated ( Monday, 29 October 2007 )
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