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ECharts for SIP Servlets 2.0-beta Released! Print
We are pleased to announce version 2.0-beta of our ECharts for SIP Servlets development kit. This version provides two major enhancements:
  • Automatic Termination Handling - allows for automatic termination of calls following the SIP protocol. This can be invoked explicitly by the developer, or used implicitly, such that incoming CANCEL or BYE messages can trigger termination of all calls within the application instance.
  • Support for SIP Servlet Application Composition - Applications written using ECharts can specify routing directives to indicate how outgoing calls should be treated by the application router. Applications can also query the routing regions in which they are invoked, and the identities of the subscribers whom they are serving.
NOTE: To use this release you must use the pre-release version 1.2 of the ECharts SDK.
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 18 July 2007 )
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