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We are pleased to announce the open source availability of KitCAT (Kit for Converged Application Testing) 1.0-beta. KitCAT is a JUnit based framework for functional testing of converged SIP telecom applications. Here are some highlights of features in KitCAT:

  • JUnit based
  • A single test case can host multiple SIP user agents as well as Web browsers thus enabling easy coordination of test agents as well as creation of converged test cases
  • Support for high-level call-control primitives as well as low-level manipulation of SIP messages
  • Support for sending and receiving RTP audio streams, and sending DTMF key sequences
  • Intuitive assertions that can be extended to support customized condition checking

Take a look at the KitCAT screencast, where we demonstrate how you can quickly write converged test cases. You can also take a look at the KitCAT manual available online or download a pdf version.You can download KitCAT distribution from here .
Last Updated ( Monday, 24 November 2008 )
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