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New Releases of ECharts and ECharts for SIP Servlets Print
We're pleased to announce ECharts Development Kit v1.2.1-beta and ECharts for SIP Servlets Development Kit v2.3-beta.

Click2DialFlow1Machine The highlight of this ECharts for SIP Servlets release is a revised version of the SailFin ClickToDial example using an ECharts machine in place of the original SIP servlet. Our revised example includes a comprehensive tutorial-style document describing the benefits of using ECharts for SIP Servlets to develop re-usable, modular telecom logic for converged applications. The release also includes a number of re-usable ECharts machines including a back-to-back user agent, a call forwarding proxy, two third party call control machines and others. Take a look at the screencast and documentation and download the development kit to see what ECharts for SIP Servlets has to offer.

The ECharts release provides cross-platform, cross-browser support for interacting with ECharts machine diagrams embedded in Javadoc documentation. Adobe's SVG browser plugin is no longer necessary! Browsing your ECharts machines has never been better. Download the stand-alone ECharts Development Kit or get it bundled as part of the ECharts for SIP Servlets Development Kit.
Last Updated ( Friday, 07 March 2008 )
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