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Here are the presentation slides and speaker notes for a talk by Greg Bond and Eric Cheung given at the IIT VoIP Conference and Expo October 28, 2009. In the talk we provide overviews of SailFin Cafe, Mobicents Seam Telco and our own framwork, Converge. We also provide an overview of our exciting new, next-generation successor to E4SS: StratoSIP (not yet released). Here is the talk abstract:

Last year we witnessed the maturation of an open standard API for VoIP applications with the final release of SIP Servlet API 1.1 which, in turn, triggered a proliferation of open source and commercial SIP servlet containers. At the same time, a number of open source projects provided development tools, libraries, test tools, and media servers that help the development and deployment of VoIP applications. Remarkably in less than one year, we see the emergence of a number of telecom development frameworks. These frameworks aim to make it even easier for web developers to integrate VoIP capability with web applications. These frameworks use development paradigms familiar to web developers, and incorporate a lot of the abovementioned software under-the-cover. The higher level abstraction offered by these frameworks significantly eases the development and maintenance of VoIP applications. In this talk, we will take a look at this exciting new trend. In particular, we will look at a number of open source frameworks including Converge, Mobicents' Seam Telco Framework, and SailFin CAFE.

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