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ECharts, E4SS (ECharts for SIP Servlets), and KitCAT are finding increased use in a number of large-scale development projects. If you've been wondering what's been happening on the ECharts and E4SS development front, take a look at our SourceForge bug and feature tracker stats and you'll see that we been very busy this past year supporting these projects. While our projects are relatively well documented compared to most open source projects, there's nothing like face-to-face training to get developers up to speed quickly with our toolset. And that's just what we did for a group of about 25 developers last month.

Tom, Eric and Greg provided the developers with three day introductory and advanced courses. The introductory course introduced SIP servlet programming, E4SS application development, testing with KitCAT, ECharts graphical notation, the E4SS convergence framework, application composition, modularity mechanisms, case studies, and an overview of clustering, performance and high availability. The advanced course covered advanced E4SS facilities, E4SS design patterns, E4SS locking and threading, and advanced ECharts including timers semantics, machine lifecycle semantics, sync states, internal ports, machine array indexing, and machine variables.

We received lots of great feedback from the developers on the toolset, which resulted in a flurry of feature request artifacts (along with a bug artifact or two...).

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