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ECharts, E4SS (ECharts for SIP Servlets), and KitCAT are finding increased use in a number of large-scale development projects. If you've been wondering what's been happening on the ECharts and E4SS development front, take a look at our SourceForge bug and feature tracker stats and you'll see that we been very busy this past year supporting these projects. While our projects are relatively well documented compared to most open source projects, there's nothing like face-to-face training to get developers up to speed quickly with our toolset. And that's just what we did for a group of about 25 developers last month.
Last Updated ( Friday, 09 September 2011 )
E4SS at the 4G Wireless Evolution Conference

Eric Cheung will be speaking about E4SS, Converge and StratoSIP at the 4G Wireless Evolution Conference this week (Jan 20-22, 2010) in Miami, FL. The session on Friday morning is titled 'Applications and Networks, Oh My.' and the panel will discuss how telecom carriers and application developers can work together to create new applications for mobile devices.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 19 January 2010 )
The Rise of Telecom Development Frameworks

Here are the presentation slides and speaker notes for a talk by Greg Bond and Eric Cheung given at the IIT VoIP Conference and Expo October 28, 2009. In the talk we provide overviews of SailFin Cafe, Mobicents Seam Telco and our own framwork, Converge. We also provide an overview of our exciting new, next-generation successor to E4SS: StratoSIP (not yet released). Here is the talk abstract:

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 02 December 2009 )
In Memoriam
It is with great sadness that we announce that Venkita Subramonian, the creator of the KitCAT converged testing tool, passed away suddenly on Sunday August 16. He was a close collaborator and good friend to all us working here in IP Services Research at AT&T. For those of you using KitCAT we want to let you know that, going forward, it is our intent to maintain KitCAT.
Converge Tutorial and Screencast

Announcing the first video tutorial in a series dedicated to introducing Converge. This video tutorial is a repeat performance of Greg Bond's and Tom Smith's JavaOne 2009 demo that was part of their technical talk: Web 2.0 Phone Home: Rapid Development of Telecom-Enabled Web Applications. In this tutorial we demonstrate how to use Converge to build a converged (web + telecom) application from scratch in only 22 minutes thanks to the power of E4SS and Grails. The application lets a user record a message and then "blast" it to a list of phone numbers. The 28 minute video tutorial consists of

  • 4 minute introduction to Converge
  • a 2 minute introduction to the screencast
  • a 22 minute screencast.

Watch the video tutorial here.

Last Updated ( Monday, 20 July 2009 )
E4SS runs on Mobicents SIP Servlets

The Mobicents team has announced the 1.0 GA release of Mobicents SIP Servlets (MSS). MSS runs on top of either Apache Tomcat 6 or JBoss 4. It features full JSR289 support, as well as support for clustering and failover. It is an open-source project.

We are pleased to report we have successfully tested all the reusable features from E4SS release 2.5-beta on MSS 1.0. Now there is another open-source container that can be used for E4SS applications. Read our blog post on how to get E4SS running on MSS.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 23 July 2009 )
Announcing Converge

We are pleased to announce the release of Converge. What is Converge?

Converge is designed to get web application developers up and running with converged (telecom + web) application development. Converge consists of two parts that can be used independently or together: (1) an environment for running converged applications on the SailFin converged container and (2) a development kit for rapidly generating converged applications using ECharts for SIP Servlets (E4SS) and Grails. And Converge is open source software!

Last Updated ( Friday, 05 June 2009 )
E4SS and Converge at JavaOne
Image In just a few weeks Greg Bond and Tom Smith will be speaking at JavaOne. The title of their talk is: "Web 2.0 Phone Home: Rapid Development of Telecom-Enabled Web Applications." Not surprisingly, the talk will discuss using E4SS and KitCAT to develop converged web/telecom applications. But the talk will also discuss Converge: our new rapid converged application development framework that builds upon Grails (for web application development) and E4SS (for telecom app development). And Converge will be released as open source software on echarts.org this month!
Last Updated ( Monday, 08 June 2009 )
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