Structuring Applications with Grails Plugins
Greg will be giving a talk this Monday, May 11 at the Groovy/Grails Meetup in New York City entitled "Structuring Grails Applications with Plugins." "What does this have to do with ECharts or E4SS?" you may ask. Well, this will be the first public talk discussing a new IP telecom development framework called "Converge." Converge is a rapid converged application development framework that builds upon Grails (for web application development) and E4SS (for telecom app development). And Converge will be released as open source software on this month!

This talk will focus on how Converge makes use of the Grails plugin architecture. So if you're in NYC on Monday and you're interested in Grails, Groovy or Converge be sure to RSVP to this meetup event.

UPDATE: Slides from this presentation can be downloaded from here.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 19 May 2009 )