E4SS and Converge at JavaOne
Image In just a few weeks Greg Bond and Tom Smith will be speaking at JavaOne. The title of their talk is: "Web 2.0 Phone Home: Rapid Development of Telecom-Enabled Web Applications." Not surprisingly, the talk will discuss using E4SS and KitCAT to develop converged web/telecom applications. But the talk will also discuss Converge: our new rapid converged application development framework that builds upon Grails (for web application development) and E4SS (for telecom app development). And Converge will be released as open source software on echarts.org this month!

The talk is a technical session scheduled for Friday June 5, 10:50 AM - 11:50 AM in Esplanade 305. Hope to see you there. Unfortunately Tom and Greg will be leaving the conference immediately after their talk so if you want to meet with them please let them know on the echarts.org forums in order to arrange a time.

Here's the talk abstract:

New open standards and open source software should get you thinking about adding telecom capabilities to your web application. For example, clicking a button to launch a phone call, or automatically answering a call and forwarding it. In this session we’ll provide a detailed look at how you can rapidly develop telecom-enabled web applications with open source tools. We’ll show how the E4SS (ECharts for SIP Servlets) framework and the KitCAT test tool simplify the development of telecom components based on the SIP Servlet standard. Since telecom components rarely stand alone, we’ll show how easy it is to integrate telecom components with web applications, using the Grails web application framework as an example. Finally, we’ll show how the resulting converged application can be deployed on the SailFin servlet container - a servlet container built on top of the Java EE-based GlassFish container.

Update: The slides from our talk can be downloaded from here.

Last Updated ( Monday, 08 June 2009 )