Announcing Converge

We are pleased to announce the release of Converge. What is Converge?

Converge is designed to get web application developers up and running with converged (telecom + web) application development. Converge consists of two parts that can be used independently or together: (1) an environment for running converged applications on the SailFin converged container and (2) a development kit for rapidly generating converged applications using ECharts for SIP Servlets (E4SS) and Grails. And Converge is open source software!

The Converge Runtime Environment

The Converge runtime environment provides a core set of converged applications and a flexible SIP servlet application router that provide out-of-the box support for running IP telecom-enabled services. The Converge runtime environment provides everything you need to make VoIP calls between SIP client phones; all you need to provide are the phones (e.g. the free CounterPath X-Lite client). The runtime includes (i) a SIP registrar application for receiving registration requests from SIP clients, (ii) a flexible call forwarding application for forwarding calls to registered SIP clients, media servers, gateways or any other SIP addresses, and (iii) a call logging application for logging call status, duration and other details. The runtime also includes an application router that allows a SIP address to selectively subscribe to any deployed SIP application: the core applications or any other deployed SIP application. All the core applications and the application router are administered via a web-based interface that supports user authentication and authorization.

Click on the thumbnails to see screenshots from the web-based interface:

The Converge Development Kit

The Converge development kit (DK) provides tools that bring together two rapid application development frameworks: E4SS for telecom application development and Grails for web application development. E4SS provides abstractions, reusable components and a programming language (ECharts) that greatly simplify the development of arbitrarily complex SIP servlet-based telecom applications. Similarly, Grails provides abstractions, plugins and languages (Groovy and GORM) that greatly simplify the development of complex database-backed HTTP servlet-based telecom applications. The Converge DK makes it possible to integrate an E4SS telecom application with a Grails web application in one of two ways: (i) Converge can generate a Grails plugin that encapsulates an E4SS application. Installing the plugin in a Grails application gives the E4SS application access to the Grails application and vice versa. Applications developed using this approach can be deployed and composed with other applications using the Converge runtime environment or any other SIP servlet-based environment. Alternatively, (ii) Converge can generate a Grails application that encapsulates an E4SS application and provides access to useful core domain classes included with the Converge runtime framework. Applications developed using this approach can be deployed and composed with other applications using the Converge runtime environment.

The Converge DK v0.2-beta can be downloaded from here. The Converge DK comes bundled with a new point release of E4SS. Converge cannot be used with an earlier version of E4SS. At the moment the documentation consists of the READMEs included with the DK. We are in the process of putting together tutorial style documentation to be released shortly.

Last Updated ( Friday, 05 June 2009 )