Application Router 1.0-beta Released!
We are pleased to announce the release version 1.0-beta of our Application Router for SIP Servlets software.

This software augments existing SIP Servlet 1.0 containers with the new application composition mechanism proposed in the upcoming SIP Servlet 1.1 specification (JSR289). With the help of this software, a deployer of SIP Servlet applications can select multiple applications to be active simultaneously for a SIP call, and can be certain that the composition will work consistently across different container implementations. Features of this software release are:
  • A new logical component, Application Router (AR), performs application selection. Each AR implementation can use any algorithm or information to perform the selection, and the deployers of SIP Servlet applications can plug in any AR implementation as required.
  • A Distributed Feature Composition (DFC) based AR implementation is included in this software release. The DFC AR offers disciplined composition and feature interaction management. A simple XML file is used to specify subscription and application precedence.
  • An adaptation layer provides JSR289-styled API interfaces between the underlying container and the AR, and the container and the applications. This ensures that AR and application implementations can be easily ported to SIP Servlet 1.1 compliant containers when they become available.
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 18 July 2007 )