Coming Soon!
We've added a developers blog to our site and to commemorate this event our first blog post concerns a trio of pending releases. Hot on the heels of our July releases, new releases of ECharts, ECharts for SIP Servlets and the Application Router for SIP Servlets are just around the corner. The new ECharts release will contain new language features and significant performance improvements. The new ECharts for SIP Servlets release will be distributed in a convenient binary "development kit" form (but the source code will still be available to those who want it). The new ECharts for SIP Servlets release will also support proxy development (in addition to its previous support for back-to-back user agents), and it includes a new tool for quickly generating skeleton SIP servlet applications. The new Application Router will support the "reverse" directive as well as conforming more closely to the upcoming JSR 289 SIP Servlets v1.1 standard. Keep tuned to the RSS feed for the latest news.
Last Updated ( Sunday, 21 October 2007 )