ECharts for SIP Servlets 2.1-beta Released!
We are very excited to release this new version of the ECharts for SIP Servlets Development Kit, only a few months after our previous release. This release is being distributed in a new, binary development kit format that greatly simplifies application development. We've also bundled a new "application generator" that creates a skeleton application project for the developer. Also included in this release are the latest version of ECharts and the SIP Servlet Application Router for JSR 116 containers.

The new development kit format includes all the jar files needed for developing ECharts for SIP Servlet applications. These include the latest jar files for ECharts, ECharts for SIP Servlets and the SIP Servlet Application Router.

The application generator tool is demonstrated in Tom Smith's ECharts for SIP Servlets screencast and in the ECharts for SIP Servlets manual.

The latest version of the SIP Servlet Application Router now supports the "Reverse" routing directive and conforms more closely to the proposed JSR 289 standard.

This release also utilizes the new ECharts monitor event logger based on the java.util.logging.Logger class. This provides more control over logging and integrates better with native SIP Servlet containers loggers.

To use this release with legacy ECharts for SIP Servlets applications, you should retranslate and recompile your legacy ECharts machines.

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Last Updated ( Monday, 29 October 2007 )