Viewing SVG Machine Diagrams
Written by Gregory W. Bond   
I just upgraded to the latest Safari version 3.0.4 (bundled with Mac OS X 10.4.11 and 10.5 and available as a separate download for Windows) and decided to check out its SVG support by viewing the machine diagrams in the ECharts for SIP Servlets DK online Javadocs. To my delight, pressing the machine button for the B2buaFSM displays the machine's diagram. Hovering over machine transitions and states highlights them as expected. Furthermore, clicking on states with embedded machines displays the embedded machine's diagram. Wow! The same capabilities are present in Firefox version 2.x which runs on the Mac, Linux and Windows. This is really encouraging given that Adobe's SVG plugin is officially end-of-lifed and won't be supported after January 2009.

However, the Adobe SVG plugin still provides a richer browsing experience for ECharts machine diagrams than is currently possible with either Firefox or Safari. The Adobe plugin supports zooming and panning a diagram. It also supports the display of programmer comments for machine transitions and states.

But now that SVG support in both Firefox and Safari has become practical, I intend to take a closer look to see if there is another way to provide these capabilities that is supported by both browsers.

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Last Updated ( Monday, 19 November 2007 )