ECharts for SIP Servlets 2.2-beta Released!
Mere weeks after our previous release, we are excited to announce the release of ECharts for SIP Servlets 2.2-beta. This release could also be called our "SailFin" release since the only difference between this release and the previous release are modifications to add support for the SailFin open source SIP servlet container. SailFin, combined with our open source ECharts for SIP Servlets application development framework, finally makes it possible to develop and deploy non-trivial IP telecom services for free!

An added bonus is that ECharts for SIP Servlets includes a JSR 289-style application router that makes it possible to compose SIP servlet applications in SailFin. Take a look at this blog post for an overview of configuring SailFin for ECharts for SIP Servlets. And don't forget to watch our ECharts for SIP Servlets introductory screencast.
Last Updated ( Thursday, 13 December 2007 )