Call Screening Application for SailFin
Written by Gregory W. Bond   
Peter Klein is a community tester for the open source SailFin SIP servlet container project. Over the past month Peter has posted 4 entries to his blog detailing the development of a converged Call Screening application using ECharts for SIP Servlets, the AT&T DFC Application Router (included with the ECharts for SIP Servlets Development Kit) and SailFin.

Here's a list of his posts.

Peter's application accesses the application router via our adaptation layer, provided with the ECharts for SIP Servlets development kit. This permits the use of JSR 289-style application routers on JSR 116 containers. As discussed in an earlier blog post of Eric's, our adaptation layer has been verified to work with SailFin Milestone 3. We haven't tested the adaptation layer against subsequent SailFin builds. However, a recent post to the SailFin developers mailing list reveals that newer SailFin builds support JSR 289-style application routers without the need for our adaptation layer. Unfortunately, Eric's testing reveals that SailFin isn't quite ready for this yet - see SailFin Issue #591 for details. Also Issue #608 prevents any ECharts for SIP Servlets application from running post-Milestone 3. So until these problems are fixed, run ECharts for SIP Servlets applications with SailFin Milestone 3, and use our adaptation layer and SailFin Milestone 3 if you want to use JSR 289-style application routing. We'll certainly be making an announcement here once SailFin supports application routers without our adaptation layer.

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Last Updated ( Friday, 07 March 2008 )