ECharts 1.3-beta Released!
The highlights of this ECharts release are support for "mixed state" machines and Javamachine serialization.

Mixed-state machines are a generalization of or-machines and and-machines. Using mixed-state machines can result in a more direct expression of machine behavior. Take a look at the ECharts manual for more information and examples. A real application using a mixed-state machine is the LineFSM, part of the Parallel Location feature included in the latest ECharts for SIP Servlets Development Kit.

Javamachine serialization means it is now possible to serialize/de-serialize an ECharts Javamachine to/from a persistent store like a file or a database. This support is necessary for using the ECharts Javamachine runtime in highly available, clustered environments where a Javamachine instance may migrate between Java virtual machines. See the ECharts manual for an example.

Other changes in this release include more semantic error checking during machine translation, more informative translator error messages, a refinement to the semantics of the DEFAULT_INITIAL pseudostate for and-machines, simplifications to the monitor output format to improve comprehension and readability, and a few bug fixes to the Javamachine runtime.

Be sure to take a look at the updated ECharts manual or download the development kit: either the stand-alone ECharts development kit, or bundled in the latest ECharts for SIP Servlets development kit.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 20 May 2008 )