ECharts for SIP Servlets 2.4-beta Released!
This release of the ECharts for SIP Servlets Development Kit is all about convergence and reusability. This version includes a general-purpose, lightweight convergence framework that supports interaction between ECharts servlets (B2BUAs or proxies) and the external Java environment. The framework makes it possible to, for example, use HTTP to control a SIP call or, conversely, have the non-SIP environment be notified of call status. To find out more, take a look at the new section of the ECharts for SIP Servlets manual describing the convergence framework, or look at the reusable, converged ECharts for SIP Servlets telecom features included with this release:

  • MonitorControl notifies the non-SIP environment of call status and allows the non-SIP environment to drop the call;
  • UCF (Unconditional Call Forwarding) forwards an incoming call to a specified address;
  • ParallelLocation makes a number of calls in parallel in response to an incoming call;
  • Click2DialFlow1 initiates a call from the non-SIP environment;
  • Click2DialFlow4 initiates a call from the non-SIP environment.

The Javadoc documentation in this release now includes the documentation for the features so fire up an SVG-savvy browser and explore.

These features can be composed into complex services using an application router, like the DFC application router and adaptation layer included with the ECharts for SIP Servlets Development Kit. Also, keep your eyes open for a forthcoming announcement from us about native DFC application router support for ECharts for SIP Servlets on SailFin (no adaptation layer required!).

This release also includes improvements to the appgen application generator utility, the ability for ECharts B2BUA servlets to handle initiate requests other than INVITEs, and some bug fixes.

Take a look at what ECharts for SIP Servlets has got to offer - we're sure you'll agree that there's no easier way to develop SIP servlet-based telecom applications.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 20 May 2008 )