E4SS, Grails and SailFin
Written by Gregory W. Bond   
Over the past year, I've been familiarizing myself with the latest web application development frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Grails, Pylons etc. My interest has been motivated by the prospect of rapidly developing converged (SIP + HTTP) telecom applications using ECharts for SIP Servlets (E4SS) and one of these frameworks.

In the same time period, the open source SailFin SIP application server has evolved to implement enough of the draft SIP Servlet 1.1 specification that it can support converged applications. In addition, the latest release of E4SS includes a lightweight convergence framework. With all of these pieces in place, all that remained was to identify a candidate web application development framework that could be combined with E4SS and SailFin.

Given that Grails is a Java EE-oriented web application framework it appeared to be a good candidate so I devoted some time to figure out if it was possible. The good news is that it is possible thanks, in part, to a detailed response from Burt Beckwith to a query of mine on the grails-user mailing list.

To summarize my findings I've written a tutorial-style article describing in detail how to use E4SS, Grails and SailFin to implement, build and run a simple converged telecom application. After reading it I'm sure you'll feel the same excitement that I do at the possibilities that arise from combining these three powerful technologies.

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Last Updated ( Wednesday, 11 February 2009 )