Package org.echarts.servlet.sip.features.click2DialFlow4

Click-to-dial feature.


Interface Summary
Click2DialFlow4MachineToJava Interface that must be implemented by any EChartsMachineToJava class for this machine.

Class Summary
Click2DialFlow4Bean Class representing a request to set up a call between two specified parties.
Click2DialFlow4Machine Uses third-party call control to set up a call between two far parties, based on values supplied in a Click2DialBean.
Click2DialFlow4MachineToJavaImpl Default implementation of the Click2DialFlow4MachineToJava interface.
DropCalls Instance of this class is sent to Click2DialFlow4Machine by calling JavaToClickToDialFlow4Machine.dropCalls().
JavaToClick2DialFlow4Machine JavaToEChartsMachine interface class for the Click2DialFlow4Machine.

Package org.echarts.servlet.sip.features.click2DialFlow4 Description

Click-to-dial feature. Uses "Flow4" call flow as defined in IETF RFC 3725. Provides ability to asynchronously drop calls and notify of connection status.