org.echarts.servlet.sip Provides classes that allow interworking between the SIP Servlet API (JSR 116) and the ECharts state-machine language.
org.echarts.servlet.sip.appRouter.DFCRouterImpl The DFCRouterImpl package contains Java classes to implement an application router that patterns its behavior after the router described in the Distributed Feature Composition (DFC) architecture.
org.echarts.servlet.sip.features.busyRejector Machine that provides an example of a bound box.
org.echarts.servlet.sip.features.ccf A simple proxy servlet that conditionally sends a failure response to the caller.
org.echarts.servlet.sip.features.click2DialFlow1 Click-to-dial feature.
org.echarts.servlet.sip.features.click2DialFlow4 Click-to-dial feature.
org.echarts.servlet.sip.features.monitorControl A feature used to monitor and report on call state in real-time via a generic SipToJava interface.
org.echarts.servlet.sip.features.noAnswerTimeout Feature that implements no-answer timeout.
org.echarts.servlet.sip.features.parallelLocation Feature similar to a parallel forking proxy that calls a set of pre-provisioned addresses in parallel.
org.echarts.servlet.sip.features.proxyRequest Feature to conditionally proxy a request.
org.echarts.servlet.sip.features.registrar A reusable SIP registrar feature (ref: RFC 3261 sec 10.3).
org.echarts.servlet.sip.features.rerouteUponFailure Feature that routes a call to an alternate address if the original (continued) call fails.
org.echarts.servlet.sip.features.talkTime Feature that monitors time that a subscriber is connected.
org.echarts.servlet.sip.features.ucf A simple call forwarding proxy servlet that obtains its forwarding address via a SipToJava interface.
org.echarts.servlet.sip.features.vxmlRedirect Generic feature to send caller to VXML media server where caller interacts with the media server (e.g.
org.echarts.servlet.sip.machines Classes representing re-usable state machine fragments for SIP application programmers.
org.echarts.servlet.sip.messages Provides classes that represent SIP messages for use in ECharts state machines transition declarations.
org.echarts.servlet.sip.utilities Various utility classes.