Package org.echarts.servlet.sip.utilities

Various utility classes.


Interface Summary
AddressInfo Interface for specifying source/target addresses.
CallbackStrategy Interface used for calling back to SIP application from non-machine Java code.

Class Summary
CallbackUrlFormatter Utility class to format a URL that can be used to callback to a SIP app.
FileBasedConfiguration Class providing support for access to configuration stored in the filesystem in the form of java.util.Properties simple line-oriented format.
FileBasedProvisioning Class providing support for access to provisioned data stored in the filesystem.
RequestModifier Modifies a SipServletRequest before sending it out.
RequestURIRequestModifier Modify only the Request-URI of a SipServletRequest.
SasIdCallbackStrategy Implementation of CallbackStrategy that uses the id of the SipApplicationSession as a targeting mechanism.
SipServletUtils Miscellaneous utility methods for SIP Servlet objects
StatusBuilder Class to create the body of a Status message
StatusParser Class to parse the body of a Status message.
UpdateRequestModifier A RequestModifier that reflects the information in the specified AddressInfo.
UrlCallbackStrategy Implementation of CallbackStrategy that uses an HTTP URL as a targeting mechanism for the SIP application instance.
VXMLRequestModifier RequestModifier to be used for creating dialogs with VoiceXML media servers.

Enum Summary
VXMLServerType Enumeration of supported VXML server types;

Exception Summary
StatusParseException Exception caused by error parsing body of Status message.

Package org.echarts.servlet.sip.utilities Description

Various utility classes.