ECharts: The Concise User Manual
Version 1.3 Beta

Gregory W. Bond

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1 Introduction
 1.1 History
 1.2 Why Use ECharts?
2 Developing an ECharts Machine
 2.1 Hello World!
3 What Can ECharts Do?
 3.1 Hierarchical Machines
 3.2 Actions
 3.3 State Machines
 3.4 Transitions
 3.5 Receiving a Message
 3.6 Non-Blocking Execution
 3.7 ‘*’ Transitions
 3.8 Sending a Message
 3.9 External Ports
 3.10 Pseudostates
 3.11 Machine Arrays
 3.12 Timed Transitions
 3.13 Submachine Access
 3.14 Internal Ports
 3.15 Incomplete State References
 3.16 Host Language Interface
 3.17 Machine Serialization
4 The Runtime Model
 4.1 Machine Execution
 4.2 Transition Evaluation
 4.3 Transition Scheduling
 4.4 Port Priorities
 4.5 Transition Priorities
 4.6 Message Dequeuing
 4.7 Machine Lifecycle
 4.8 Shared Data
 4.9 Machine and State Access Modifiers
5 The Machine Runtime
 5.1 Initialization
 5.2 Properties File
 5.3 Startup Messages
 5.4 Transition Timer Manager
 5.5 Monitoring and Logging
 5.6 Debugging
 5.7 Options Summary
6 Generating Diagrams
 6.1 Page Diagrams
 6.2 Embedded Diagrams
 6.3 Customizing the Layout
 6.4 dot Layout Bugs
7 Generating Documentation
 7.1 Interacting with Diagrams
 7.2 ech2doc
 7.3 ech2javadoc
 7.4 SVG Viewers
8 Command Reference
 8.1 Machine Dependencies
 8.3 ech2java
 8.4 ech2dot
 8.5 ech2doc
 8.6 ech2javadoc
 8.7 javadocpp
9 Roadmap
 9.1 Exception Handling
 9.2 Machine Inheritance
 9.3 Machine Variables
A Building and Using ECharts
 A.1 Software Requirements
 A.2 Building ECharts
 A.3 Using ECharts
B Licenses
 B.1 Common Public License v1.0
 B.2 ANTLR 2 License