Class EChartsProxyServletToJava

  extended by org.echarts.servlet.sip.SipToJava
      extended by org.echarts.servlet.sip.EChartsProxyServletToJava

public abstract class EChartsProxyServletToJava
extends SipToJava

Abstract class that can be subclassed for the purposes of providing an interface from an ECharts for SIP Servlets proxy to its external environment. An EChartsProxyServletToJava interface class that does not subclass this class will not inherit this class's putEvent() method. This class provides a factory method for creating interface instances, whether it subclasses this class or not.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
<T> T
newInstance(EChartsProxyServlet proxy)
          Create new interface instance for specified proxy instance.
protected  void putEvent(MachineMonitorEvent event)
          Put an event to the proxy's monitor.
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Constructor Detail


public EChartsProxyServletToJava()
Method Detail


public static final <T> T newInstance(EChartsProxyServlet proxy)
                           throws java.lang.Exception
Create new interface instance for specified proxy instance. Creates an instance of class whose name is defined by a 'sipToJavaClassName' <init-param> element in the <servlet> element of sip.xml. If no such property is defined then class name defaults to value of proxy class name with suffix 'ToJavaImpl' e.g. if proxy class name is 'org.echarts.servlet.sip.features.ucf.UCFServlet' and the 'sipToJavaClassName' <init-param> element is not defined in sip.xml then this method will create an instance of 'org.echarts.servlet.sip.features.ucf.UCFServletToJavaImpl' if this class exists; if it doesn't then creates a dynamic proxy class instance that implements the 'org.echarts.servlet.sip.features.ucf.UCFServletToJava' interface. The proxy class instance simply returns a null value for all method calls declaring a return value.

proxy - proxy instance associated with the application session.
new interface instance


protected void putEvent(MachineMonitorEvent event)
Put an event to the proxy's monitor.

event - the event to put to the monitor